About Us

Welcome to Promo QC. Our concept is YOUR BRAND and to supply you with LABEL FREE GARMENTS. Our range of adults’ and childrens’ garments include various styles of polo shirts, hooded sweatshirts in twenty colours, sweatshirts and t-shirts.

As DIRECT MANUFACTURER we offer quality garments at very competitive prices. Apart from out huge range of stocks we offer a DIRECT BESPOKE SERVICE of Knittted garments. At your brand we aim to offer customer satisfaction on all levels, which include the product quality, so end users will always be satisfied.

To Deliever on time so our customers will never be short of any of the greatly successful lines we have produced. We also aim to never disappoint the customer - so they do not disappoint theirs, in turn maximising sales ratios.

Another one of our core values is to use the best materials to achieve the best quality. Last, but not least, we have FULL CERTIFICATION on our factory from the WRAP organisation which cerifies working conditions and treatment. Also no child or forced labour
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